The 2014 Season saw a concerted push to digitize not only the current excavation processes at the bath complex, but also the general state of the site itself, and the finds and documentation of the previous excavation efforts at Cosa. 

In addition to the standard practices of documentation, a campaign began to create accurate digital models of the standing ruins on the site, the excavated pieces on display in the museum and tucked away in the storerooms, and the ongoing archaeological process at the bath complex.

Updates from the Digital Cosa Project!

Virtual Museum

In addition to digitizing the excavation process and the standing ruins on the site, the collection of the small site museum was photographed in full.  Significant pieces in the storerooms and museum were also 3D scanned and the resulting digital models made available on the web.

The Cosa "Virtual Museum" is a collection of pieces from the current and previous excavations.  While not exhaustive by any means, it aims to make accessible that which was previously only available to be seen in person, or sometimes not at all.

Click HERE or the image at right to view the Cosa Virtual Museum!

Technology in the Field

The Digital Cosa Project also seeks to bring new technologies and approaches to the field archaeology process.

Trench "Facade Sounding 4" continued the investigation of the architectural plan of the bath complex.  Click on the digital models above to explore the trench at two different stages of excavation.